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We love working with owner / operators, those small to medium sized businesses that employ most kiwis. Those business owners, who laugh at a mere 40 hours per week, who put their family home on the line, who take the risk - and rewards - of being self employed. Paul has been self employed for over 15 years, helping bosses sort out staffing issues, and knows these issues well.

What do we do?

We provide assistance and guidance to employers who are facing employment problems and/or employment issues within the business. This may range from a restructuring to an investigation meeting. Or it may be ensuring all the HR policies and guidelines are up to date including individual and/or collective employment agreements. The initial consultation is completely free and confidential, and you are under no obligation.

    • Workplace investigations and disciplinary meetings
    • Defending a personal grevance, at Mediation or the Employment Realtions Authority
    • Representation at the Employment Court
    • Policies on Health and Safety , Drug and Alcohol use and misuse , and Sexual Harrassment
    • Poor work performance and implementing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
    • Redundancies and Restructuring - advice and representation as needed
    • Bargaining of Collective Employment Agreements & wage negotiations
    • Employment Contracts

What do our clients say?


We’ve used the services of Paul Brown for employment law issues and are delighted with the positive results he has achieved for us. He saved us a lot of money in dealing with an employment matter with one of our staff and we would never had achieved this result without using his services. Paul gave us a step by step process to follow and advised us clearly at every step so we knew exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it. What I like about Paul is that he is very easy to talk to and he also has a wonderful knowledge of what it’s like to run a service business.
I recommend his services highly to any business with employment law issues. He is an expert on employment law and is the ideal person to talk with if you want great advice and a positive result around any employment related matters.”

Selina Kemp
David Kemp Electrical


I really like using the services of Paul Brown for employment law issues. Paul is responsive and down to earth and he fully understands our business and all our needs. We always get highly relevant employment law advice from Paul and this gives us great peace of mind.

I recommend Paul's services to any business person who wants responsive down to earth advice on any employment law matters.

Carol McCann
Financial Controller
Laser Plumbing Christchurch East


I recommend the services of PB Employment Law because Paul is amazingly approachable at all hours. I can phone Paul at 8pm at night and get some helpful advice on what to do and the steps to take with any employment related issues I have for my business.

Paul explains everything in plain English so I always know what is going on and what I should do. Paul is a valuable advisor on employment law matters and I enjoy using his services.

Lance Curtis
Gotta Digg Contracting

Our rates

Fees - $350 per hour plus gst / support staff at $120 per hour plus gst. But - results matter more than fees. Paul has worked as a specialist employment lawyer for well over a decade, and experince counts!

Give us a call - it's free - and lets have a chat.

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