width=Paul grew up around the North Island as his dad moved around a bit, selling life insurance, before settling in Auckland. Paul might say he was merely adventurous - but the judge thought otherwise, and his parents sent him to a Marist Brothers boarding school in Whangarei at 13. Well educated "in the school of life" meant that his time at high school was largely wasted, although he did enjoy his time working on the school farm - and teaching the other boys how to hot wire a tractor (which was related to the reason he got sent to a boarding school in the first place!)

From there a wide variety of jobs followed, such as diary farming in the Waikato, forestry working both clear-felling and planting pine around Kaikohe , selling encyclopedias door to door, tyre fitter in both NZ and Oz, fleet tyre service man, tyre company manager, construction worker (and union delegate) in Sydney , factory worker here there and everywhere , various travels around the world - and perhaps the best education of all – at least in the school of life - a taxi driver in Auckland.

Having been 'a jack of all trades' and a master of none, Paul commenced his LLB in Auckland – saw the light – and finished it at Canterbury University. He was admitted to the Bar in 1999. Having initially practiced as a commercial solicitor, Paul soon specialised in employment law, which remains his area of expertise today. He also advises companies on management and dispute resolution issues.

From 2005 to 2011 Paul was a part time Disputes Tribunal referee for the Ministry of Justice, which developed a wide knowledge of commercial law and consumer legislation.

From 2010 to 2017 he was the sole partner of Lexington Legal, which at at one stage had well over a dozen staff. He now enjoys a much less stressful life without all the dramas of lots of staff, and works for himself.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, if you want really clear advice, without any 'organic fertiliser', you will get on well with Paul.

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