Paul has been providing legal advice to SouthCity C3 for and before that to C3 Christchurch. He has always been able to come up with practical solutions especially for difficult problems. As we prefer not to take a confrontational approach in dealing with staff issues, it is important that we have someone who understands human relationships and the values of our organisation, and can apply a little bit of wisdom to helping out with the difficulties that arise.

Paul Julian, pastor
Eastside C3 Church

Things worked out extremely well, armed with the good advice from Paul I got out swiftly, cleanly and on amicable terms which has helped keep my career on track.


Hi Paul. You were very good to GH and myself when we came to see to you with our concern about PR and restorative justice in which GH had become involved.  I wish to thank you for the help you have given us. I really do hope there will be some valid result ….from all the pro bono time you have generously given. Thank you.


I have had the occasion to use Paul Brown for his services in employment law. I found Paul to be very professional, straight to the point, and he didn't waste my time or money, with excellent results. He is very good at what he does and his years of experience shows. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone.

Heather Maddock.

From an appreciative email from a client: (I helped these people prepare a claim for the disputes tribunal - they bought an MGB needing major engine repairs).

At last we can share the outcome of the lengthy court case with you. We took your advice and pushed for a cancellation of contract again. We did not get that but at least the referee acknowledged her power to do so. We did win a considerable sum for the repair of the engine, just under $4500. Not ideal.... but at least we feel morally appeased that we were indeed ripped off.

We really appreciated your help and advice with this case but also your honesty and friendly approach (unlike the opposing party's lawyer who reminded me of a shark!). Is there someplace we can express our gratitude by way of referral or recommendation?

Meike & Simon Couling.

Thanks to Ruth with the support of the recent case against migrant exploitation [regarding a successful complaint against BIL Ltd, a firm of immigration advisors).

Max Palmer. Life Immigration.

Thank you so much for your time and wisdom. I really appreciated that. Mauri Ora,

Deborah Solomon

I would like to recommend Paul for his professionalism and understated understanding nature that he has demonstrated in dealing with issues relating to employment law, especially restructuring, harassment, and bullying and performance management. All these situations require objectivity, empathy and transparency. Paul demonstrates a professional caring disposition. I would suggest Paul’s empathy and understanding make a challenging, sometimes difficult transitional period a lot more palatable.

In essence Paul acts as an employee assistant contact with a strong legal background. I recommend Paul to anyone who needs both counselling and an understanding listener who has a strong industrial relations and employment Law background.

Adrian Brown.
Lincoln University Health and Safety Manager [2017]

We’ve used the services of Paul Brown for employment law issues and are delighted with the positive results he has achieved for us. He saved us a lot of money in dealing with an employment matter with one of our staff and we
would never had achieved this result without using his services. Paul gave us a step by step process to follow and advised us clearly at every step so we knew exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it. What I like about Paul is that he is very easy to talk to and he also has a wonderful knowledge of what it’s like to run a service business.

I recommend his services highly to any business with employment law issues. He is an expert on employment law and is the ideal person to talk with if you want great advice and a positive result around any employment related matters.”

Selina Kemp
David Kemp Electrical

Hi Paul

Many thanks for your work in reviewing the terms and conditions of our entry form, for the City to Surf Fun Run.
Health and safety is an important issue, especially for our major public events, and your recommended changes were very sensible and easy to understand.
I appreciate your attention to detail as there were a couple of points that you picked up, that nobody else had, such as clarifying the responsibility of parents and caregivers for groups of young children, which all help to make this a fun and safe event for everyone.
I would thoroughly recommend Paul to anyone who wants good instruction for business employment related advice.

Steve McCaughan.
CEO Star Media.

I couldn't recommend Paul any higher, I had a problem with a franchise owner within my company the solution he provided was a dynamic, fair and affordable one. Paul handed me the perfect solution and helped me with the implementation and kept me calm. When I got frustrated “Paul would say… Stop Stop Stop and I would have to Listen Listen Listen.

My company now has a completely different BETTER structure and I feel like I have the ownership of my company back. We also managed to have a few laughs along the way, I endorse Paul to everyone I meet, he is doing it different and has a fantastic company culture. Paul has made a huge difference to my business = life!

Danny Dehek
Elite 6 Business Networking

I really like using the services of Paul Brown for employment law issues. Paul is responsive and down to earth and he fully understands our business and all our needs. We always get highly relevant employment law advice from Paul and this gives us great peace of mind.

I recommend Paul's services to any business person who wants responsive down to earth advice on any employment law matters. 

Carol McCann 
Financial Controller
Laser Plumbing Christchurch East

A big thanks to the Community Law Centre for giving me your name, and a big thanks to you for helping me sort out my dismissal.  I think it took about 2 weeks to have everything sorted ; I got some welcome compensation by the 4th week, and my employer paid your legal fees.
Also really pleased that both my boss and you were able to work things out by being fair and talking to each other, because all I really wanted was some acknowledgement that you shouldn’t get fired by a phone call!

Brian Tait.

It's been a pleasure working with you, thanks for your services.

Matthew Broughton.

"I recently worked with Paul to help sort out an employment dispute with a previous employer. I found Paul very personable and approachable and of course incredibly knowledgeable about NZ employment law. He was very patient in answering my many questions and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process. He was very efficient and we reached an agreement within less than a month. I highly recommend Paul if you want solid, professional legal advice that you can trust.

L.M. Christchurch

Would like to thank Paul Brown from PB Employment Law for his free advise over the phone, txt and email. His advise was fantastic and he helped us feel better through tough times from arrogant debt collector. Paul was recommended to us thru a friend who helps overseas workers with employment issues.  Ours wasn't  an employment issue otherwise we would definitely have used PB Employment Law services. Many thanks Paul. Your advise was correct and you helped us get what we needed. Will definitely recommend you to others.

Mark H. Christchurch.

I recently found myself in a pretty stressful work situation, which was only getting more stressful and beginning to impact on my health. I was recommended to see Paul, and was soo glad I did. He helped me work out a way forward and to do what was best for me. Paul negotiated the "exit" for me, and was extremely helpful and very approachable - he made a very difficult situation easier to deal with.
I would highly recommend Paul to anyone needing help with an employment / work situation.

Pauline F. Christchurch.

Kate: On the advice from my sister, I phoned Paul Brown from PB Employment Law to get his views in regards to me being dismissed from my job. After speaking to him on the phone, he made me feel very confident and advised me I had a case worth fighting for.
I found him very professional at all times, polite, very understanding and easy to deal with. The process was completed quickly, rates very reasonable, stress free and a good outcome. I would highly recommend Paul for any employment issues you may have.Thank you Paul, it was a pleasure working alongside you.  Kind regards

Kate Skeggs

Meeting with Paul helped to put my mind at ease about the options available. His honest and straight up approach gave clarity to my situation, which I found out was not uncommon, and he gave wise counsel on my next move. I highly recommend Paul's services if you are wondering what you can do about any problems at work, and am grateful for his help.

Maria B. Asburton

[my note - Maria was in a senior management position with a large regional employer - and was being bullied out the door!] 

I sought advice from Paul regarding an employmentrelationship problem. Paul made a difficult problem easier for me by giving sound, timely advice and confidence that he was able to help me achive a fair outcome. He had everything wrapped up within a reasonable time frame without any publicity or going to mediation.

MC. Christchurch

[my note - MC was in a management position with a well known and large national employer, and we needed  - and got - a confidential settlement] 

Hi Paul. We are very happy and satisfied with the legal work that you did for us. You really know your stuff. You helped us through very confusing situation . You are knowledgeable and care about issues.

For a start  my wife was really stressed  out and thinking how to sort out our employment issues, but after meeting you first time we knew we are on right place. You made it really smooth and very helpful until we got the satisfied result. We are very happy and thankful to you for your legal advice and service. I absolutely  recommend PB Employment Law to handle any employment or pay issues.  Thanks a lot Paul.

J. Singh & BK.

[my note - BK had no job / no money / expired work visa - and a baby  - but we got a good result]. 

When you commit your heart and soul to a company, sometimes you lose sight of a negative impact a bullying director has on you every day. You become accustomed to the constant barrage..till one day it gets too much. I got in touch with alot of employment lawyers at this stage and everyone wanted my 'clear cut' case. I chose Paul, purely because he gave me straight, honest direction.

Inside my head it was a complete mess. Straight away, Paul picked up my mess, and never ever stopped keeping it simple, and me strong. No nonsense, very approachable, very results focused employment lawyer. I can't speak more highly of this man. Will continue to recommend Pauls work to anyone who needs advice! Danni 

DW , Christchurch.

[my note - Give me a call if you are being bullied at work - it can be really hard to work things out when you in the middle of it]

Meeting with Paul helped put my mind at ease about the options available. His honest and staright up approach gave me clarity to my situation, which I found out was not uncommon, and he gave me wise counsel on my next nmove. I highly recommend Paul's services if you are wonderering what you can do about any problems at work, and I grateful for his help.

Maria B, Christchurch.

[my note - Maria was in senior management in the public service for a large regional employer - where all the pressure and stress at work forced her to find a new job - which she did].

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