Community Involvement and Advocacy

Pro bono is a latin phrase for

"professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service."

Paul has always done a lot of pro bono and voluntary work throughout his career, but never more than when he was the owner of Lexington legal from 2010 to 2017.

Some of the cases he has been involved in:

Philippine Embassy photo

The complaint from some of the Filipino workers working for Tech 5, was that they were shown one employment agreement in the Philippines, & given something quite different to sign once in New Zealand.

Lexington Legal was approached by some Filipino workers who were unable to work, because their employer said that the start date for the work that they were brought into New Zealand to do, was temporarily delayed.Therefore, Adecco kept these boys on unpaid leave.

Lexington Legal received a number of complaints from workers brought into New Zealand by ADD regarding the fees they had been charged.

Lexington Legal received a number of complaints from Filipino workers about the excessive fees they had been charged both in the Philippines, and in New Zealand by BIL.

Migrant exploitation is an ongoing issue, especially in the building trades.

See this April 2017 article by Placemakers which referred back to the Tech 5 case and the now rather famous quote of “bonded servitude”. 

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